Jangan Biarkan Saya Berpikir!

Tulisan ini adalah entitas pikiran-pikiran saya yang abstrak, sempit dan tidak populer, tapi tidak mesti disetujui—pastinya. Continue reading


A Message for The Stars

I stood up behind my window,

looking up, eager to see you,

But you were not in sight,

Or anywhere.

Nor you,

neither your friends.

I felt lonely for a bit.

Then you showed up,

Flickering—red, white, red, white—to the same pattern.

I smiled,

“You did not leave me,” said I.

“At least, yet.”

A tear dropped,

“Please, don’t. I could not cope loneliness,” I begged.

You stopped flickering,

Did you get my message?

But I was still afraid,

all you gave me was silence.

“I could not cope loneliness, please,” I repeated.

“Then come,” you said, with a hand lending toward me.

I reached for you, smiling,

Even my tears stopped flowing,

And my dilemmas fled,

For I was freed—by you.

I left my window,

To travel the sky with you,

Your friends flickered, too,

I was, for once, happy,

Since I will face sorrow no more, as I am in your embrace forevermore.


Tonight was the national dark sky night to reduce light pollution, but still, no one tried, then nothing showed up. But a single star made me happy, it gave me hope.