Watched Ocean’s 8 last night, amazing movie. Certainly the action-comedy movie type where the pinnacle is the latter, but it’s pure genius. Recommended for all the aspiring criminals to be. 10 minutes in and I was all over Sandy Bullock’s (as referred by Anne Hathaway) ways with her hands—and of course, all over Bullock herself. It is out of my ordinary to watch a movie as soon as it’s out in the cinemas, but all the good reviews and great cast selections just left me with no option. Then I went back to the trailer which was dropped circa 5 months ago just to find lots of hideous comments on how it’s unoriginal and just another feminism flop. With no surprise, naturally all of the comments were written by men. Really, ‘cause the last time I checked they’re still the privileged ones (specially if they’re white). Feminism what? Feminism dope. It’s another win for feminism.

(Peeps, you shouldn’t sleep on the fact that the cast members, although not wholly, represent various communities and comes with different body shapes and everyone is beautiful. Especially during the scene where they all make the grand entrance in dresses. Just. Pure. Jaw. Dropping.)


Sedang nonton The Addams Family yang tahun 1964, masih di episode 4. Bingung bagaimana caranya telah hidup 18 tahun tanpa pernah menonton satu episode pun. Kocak dan menggelitik, masih ada satire sedikit-sedikit. Dari perhatian saya rumus dasar dagelannya adalah kesalahpahaman yang tidak diluruskan. Andai bisa begitu, miskomunikasi sana-sini tapi hidup masih seperti yang kita mau.